Start process not working


I’m new in BPM engines and still learning it.
I watched the tutorial and did the same stuff the only difference i figured out i have a tomcat server.

When i start now a process under the tasklist i get the notification process started but i see nothing in the cockpit.

Catalina.out print the LoggerDelegate but i dont see anything in the UI that something finished.

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The community version doesn’t contain the history of the processes.
You can verify that your processes have been finished via the Rest API:


can you explain me why I see Invoice Receipt with a number of instances and my example is not growing with instances (when I start a process)?


You can verify if you’re checking the correct process definition version.
Could you please share some screenshot examples and have a look at the server log file if something went wrong and there are some exceptions.


Tomcat Catalina out

you see in the Log that the LoggerDelegate is fired but i get no running instance

I assume that it is already completed and that’s the reason you don’t see anything in Cockpit.
Have you executed the rest api endpoint which I mentioned?

Rest call to start the process

Trying to get the process

Hi @xAJ,

your process consists of only two service tasks. After starting your process the process neraly immediately finishes. So you have no chance to query the running instance because it is not running anymore. Here are two things you can do if you want to see something in your console:

  1. add a dummy element to your process that stops the process from completing automatically (e.g. add a user task or a timer event)
  2. dont query the running instances and rather query the history of the Camunda engine. Because your process finfishes immediately after starting it is not an active instance anymore and can be found in the history of all finished instances: REST API for History



Thanks with the rest history I got what i wanted :heart_eyes::ok_hand::+1:

Fast help thumps up :+1: