Start process with some data. Processing kafka messages

Good day :slightly_smiling_face:
There is the following task: I need to run something like this process through api (deploy the process also through api, and not through camunda modeler). There are several questions.

  1. First we need to create a deployment entity, then create a processInstance via processId?
  2. Is it possible to submit additional parameters to the input at the start of the process in the additionalProps field, which will be used in the internal tasks of the process?
  3. Is it possible to listen to kafka topics via camunda messageEvent?


Hi @Klara, you can deploy a process via REST API, see: Post Deployment | You’re essentially doing the same thing in Modeler (calling the deployment REST API). Once deployed you can kick off an instance using this REST API: Start Process Instance | and as you’ll see you can pass variables in when you start a process instance. As for Kafka, you’ll still need to call a REST API to send messages to Camunda, see: Correlate a Message | though you could create something which listens to a Kafka topic and in turn calls the correlate message REST API.