Start testing Camuda Modeler 5.3.0


I am going to deploy bpmn file to Platform Run 7 with launch button at the left bottom, the target platform options are Camuda Platform 8 Saas and Camuda Platform 8 Self- Managed, I choose the Self-Managed one and enter the cluster end point (it’s running on localhost), but alway get the message: Should point to a running Zeebe cluster.

How can i deploy the diagram to local Platform 7, thanks a lot.


When you create a new model in the Desktop Modeler, you must choose between Camunda 7 and Camunda 8:


Only models that have been created for the Camunda 7 Platform can be deployed to Camunda 7.
So, you may need to re-create your model for the correct Camunda version.

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Thanks Stephen, i will try again.