Start timer event not working on docker container


I’m using the camunda spring boot webapp to deploy processes , one of my process have a timer start event with a cron expression : 0/5 * * * * ? => Every 5 seconds.

My issue is that i need to launch this camunda spring boot webapp on a docker container.

When deploying on the docker container, the tomcat is started ,the process are deployed , i can access the cockpit and confirm that my processes are deployed but the only thing is that the cronned process are not started and i don’t know why?

When lauching my jar “java -jar myjar.jar” without the docker container, the cronned process is effectively launched every 5 seconds.

Someone has an idea about that ? what is going wrong with the docker container ? Thanks !

PS : i used the alpine edge image to build the docker Image (see dockerfile in attachment) Dockerfile.txt (268 Bytes)

Set the time zone in your docker variable. This will probably fix the problem.