startableBy from the REST API doesn't work


I want to filter by a user name who is allowed to start a process.

I’ve tried with this endpoint


But it returns an empty list.

I saw this question Camunda Service task REST dynamic URL. In one of the answer they say “there is no such endpoint implemented yet” is this still true ?

Thank you

@camunda-test what version are you using?

I just tested and it works with 7.9.0

How did you configure your BPMN ?

I’m using the latest docker image
I didn’t configure the BPMN I’m just using the docker image it already has some process definitions

pull down camunda/camunda-bpm-platform:tomcat-7.9.0 and retest

@StephenOTT Still doesn’t work

A BPMN needs to be configured to support the startableBy param. The default BPMN are likely not setup for this.

Ah ok so I think that is the problem. Do you have an example how to do the set up ?

It is my first time using camunda so I’m having trouble finding the menu you showed above.
I searched for it in the Camunda Cockpit

You need to download Camunda Modeler, and create a .bpmn file. When in the modeler, you click on the white background of the bpmn and in the Properties panel, the image i posted before, will have the fields you need.

Then you upload the process. take a look at for some basic usage examples