Starting a new Process from welcome Page

Im new at Camunda trying to understand the webapp,
I want to start a process on the welcome page instead of it under tasklist navigation.
i started by creating a plugin that adds a link on the welcome page to start a process.

I want to re-use the angular module for start new process so that the rest stays the same, however when i add the module ‘cam.tasklist.process’ to ‘cam.welcome’ in camunda-welcome-ui.js
it throws an error
[$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module cam.welcome due to

@kavi Can you post your code on Github and share a link here?

Hi @armaan6651 i used another approach, i created a different app for my own functionality and embedded Camunda through Springboot.

@kavi, good to hear :slightly_smiling_face: