Starting and running process instance within own asychronous method

Hi all,

I have a process definition with an exclusive Asynchronous Continuation right after the start event.

In my Java Application I start this process within an own asynchronous method (annotaded with the Spring @Async annotation). My asynchronous method will take 5 Minute to complete.

I now observe that the process instance is persited in Camunda right after the process start (because of the asynchronous continuation) but the following user tasks that I expect (the next wait state) is first reached (persisted) when my own asynchronous method finishes.

I am not sure why the system behaves like this. I probably has something to do with the fact that I start the Camunda process instance within an own long running async method. I guess it somehow conflicts with the Camunda Async execution (and transactional scope).

Do you have any idea how I can get over this? I need the process user tasks to be persisted when camunda reaches them. At the moment this happens first when my own async method finishes.

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In the past, the default max wait time in the job executor used to default to about 5 minutes. Hence if there were no jobs to run, the executor job acquisition thread would go to sleep for up to 5 minutes. Thus could it be you are seeing this behaviour?

Consider setting maxWait to say 10000 or 10 seconds…



Hi Rob,

I am not familiar with the concept of the job executor. What I see is that starting my process syncronous results in receiving (and persisting) the user-tasks nearly immediately whereas starting the process in an asyncronous method I have to wait for the user-tasks to be persisted until my asyncronous method finishes.

But I will have a look at the maxWait configuration of the job executor. Thanks.


Hi Franz,

perhaps you could describe your application architecture - eg Spring boot, Spring App on shared engine, Tomcat or Jboss etc?



Simple Spring Boot (using Camunda Spring Boot Starter) with embedded Camunda. I am using the Camunda Java API and finally start the process with


My use case:

I want to implement a “demo mode” where predefined messages will be used to start process instances at a given time. At the moment - if a 'demo" is started - an asny method is executed which will read the “demo configuration” and starts processes when expected (1/3/5 minutes after demo start). As the last message is processed 5 Minutes after the demo start the async methode also finishes after 5 minutes. Only then all the wait states of the processes are persisted.