Starting instance in specific task

Hello, I have a new question regarding the initiation of a process instance in Camunda 8 BPM.

In my current use case, I need to start a new process instance at a specific user task, and additionally, I want this new process instance to inherit or have a background historic connection to another instance.

I’ve explored the Camunda documentation, but I couldn’t find a straightforward solution for this scenario. Has anyone faced a similar requirement or can provide guidance on how to achieve this?

and thank you

Hi @Rania_Chakroun - In Camunda 8 there is a two way of starting a process instance,

  1. You can use the Java code ZeebeClient which will help you.
  2. You can use the inbound webhook connector which expose the REST API to outside world where you can pass the properties and you can hit it.
    Specific to user task, once your process instance started you can configure your first activity as user task.

thank you @vinothkumar for your response, actually i have started successfully the instance but i want also to cancel this instance in the current task and to move it to another one.

Hi @Rania_Chakroun ,
Can you please bit elaborate the use case. If you just want to complete the current instance, you can maintain the flow from the user task, when you can simply reject the task and you can end the flow using some gateway flags… But would like to understand how you want to move to the next one ? You mean need to create another same process instance or you want to trigger any other process what is your use case ?

hello again i just found a solution for my use case, and i just wanted to cancel my process instance in the current node and move it to another node