Starting new pool execution by message passing

Hi everyone, I’m using Camunda 8 to model a process in which the first participant sends a message to the second and waits for a response from it (as shown in the photo).

By carrying out the Token Simulation, the execution is exactly as desired, but in Implement mode (Zeebe 8.4) the Global Message Reference must be specified. I cannot understand how I should fill these fields and above all how to launch the execution of the second pool (despite it being already marked as Executable). I attach the bpmn, thanks in advance.

Example Message passing.bpmn (7.1 KB)

Hi @Mattia_Porco, have you considered using event subprocesses to achieve this?
You can find more information on how to use them here.
By leveraging event subprocesses, you’ll have the tools you need to accomplish your goal effectively.
Hope this is useful for you.

Hi @AkashRamPaarivallal , thanks for the reply, but the proposed solution is not suitable for my case since I need to model two different communicating participants.