Starting Process By Message Event Python

Hi everyone ,
My BPMN is as below

Expected Flow

  1. an order is created and subsequently a message is created ("In customer lane the process should stop at “Receive the Goods” task.
  2. Message is used to check whether the goods are available or not
  3. if they are available the goods are deliver to the user and he can receive the goods
  4. if the user is happy with the product then the process is completed.
  5. if the user is not satisfied then user communicates with us and we try to resolve the issue
  6. if we are unable to resolve the issue we pass it on to the seller.

Problems I’m Facing

  1. I’m unable to follow the path of Step 2 and Step 6 in both the process i’m trying to move into different lanes and do some stuff

What i have tried

from pyzeebe import ZeebeTaskRouter
from pyzeebe import ZeebeWorker, create_insecure_channel,Job
import asyncio
import random
import nest_asyncio

async def main():
    worker = ZeebeWorker(channel)
    router = ZeebeTaskRouter()
#     ProcessOrderMsg

    async def my_exception_handler(exception: Exception, job: Job) -> None:
        await job.set_error_status(message= 'itemsOutOfStock', error_code='itemsOutOfStock') 

    @router.task(task_type="Order", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    async def Order():
        await client.publish_message(name="ProcessOrderMsg", correlation_key="ProcessOrderMsg")
        return {}

    @router.task(task_type="ProcessOrder", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    def ProcessOrder():
        return {}

    @router.task(task_type="DeliverTheGoods", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    def DeliverTheGoods():

        return {}
# testMessage
    @router.task(task_type="ReceiveTheGoods", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    async def ReceiveTheGoods():
        return {"status":"complain","msg":"success"}

#     EndMsgEvent
    @router.task(task_type="Complain", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    async def Complain(msg: str):    

        await client.publish_message(name="ComplaintMessage", correlation_key="ComplaintMessage")

    @router.task(task_type="ProcessComplaint", exception_handler=my_exception_handler)
    async def ProcessComplaint(cool: str):    
        return {"EndMsgEvent1":"EndMsgEvent1"}

Any Help or guidance will be great help and for any clearification please feel free to ask.