Steps to onboard Camunda on PCF

Hello there -

I am new to Camunda and I am trying to see if there is any documentation I can look at to on-board Camunda onto PCF environment?


Hi Dheeraj.

Perfect timing! We are actually building a how to run Camunda on PCF at the moment :slight_smile: A draft is already available, so send me a direct message and I can send you that link (or anybody else that is interested or can provide valuable feedback).



@BerndRuecker, Thanks for sharing the info. Could you please share the link.

I send you the link in a private message.

Hi Bernd,

Can you please share the link of documentation ?


Sent. Sounds like it is a good time to write that how to on PCF :slight_smile: I work on a draft that I can share publicly hopefully later this week.

Hi @BerndRuecker,

Looking forward. If it is going to take more time for publishing, could you share the draft with me?


Still not completely finished - but good enough to share publicly :slight_smile: I moved most of the tutorial to the GitHub readme, so this should help: A Screencast is only available for the Java/Spring Boot approach so far.

Happy to take any feedback!

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