Store Large Variables like JSON and File in separate Database


We are trying to store the process variables like json and files ( because files can be huge and workflows can be many ) in a separate no sql database like mongo and store the reference here.

Is there any preferred way to do this. Can Object type be used. Any examples or way to implement this?


This link Data in Process (Part 1). Decisions on process data | by Simon Zambrovski | Holisticon Consultants | Medium

May be of interest…



Hi @Webcyberrob Thanks for the reply. I was able to get the clear idea on process variables.
I need help in acheiving the following.

If you decide to store references as process variables, you store only (immutable) foreign keys, pointing to some externally stored data records. The main idea of this approach is that your process engine loads data from external source every time it needs it and gets a current version.

Is there way or a implementation or enhancement can be done in process engine to make this happen. Any suggestion / example is appreciated

Thanks in Advance