Store Object as JSON or not as byte array

Hello All,
Currently Camunda stores objects as byte array in BLOB. I want to transfer this data to a data lake/warehouse.
Is there a way

  1. Store the objects in Camunda as JSON/XML rather than byte array, so that it doesn’t get stored as BLOB.
  2. Extract the data out of BLOB real time?

Hey @Ashish_Pingale,

the default serialization of Camunda uses standard Java object serialization. Hence objects are saved in machine readable bytes in the database. Of course that is often not practical. You can exchange the default serialization. You can find the instruction here.

I hope that is helpful have a good start into your week

Thanks, Nele. This is helpful…

Do you have example to do the same. I have specified “defaultSerializationFormat” in Camunda-xfg.xml as “application/json” still it is saved as Java Object in Camunda database…
Following is my code where caseData is a Map
runtimeService.startProcessInstanceByKey(processDefKey, caseData);

Hi I am able to save object as json instead of. However, it still goes to the same BLOB column. Is there a way to store the same data in varchar column as opposed to going to BLOB column.

This is also a requirement for us, would it be possible to change the column type for serialized objects?