Storing huge data in DMN table - 6 to 7 million records

We have a requirement where we need to store approximately 6 million + records in DMN. (3 columns).
Is it suggested to do so or should it be replaced with database table ?
If DMN is used, what will be the impacts on performance ?
Will Camunda modeler support opening table with 6 million rows ?

@jdhwani maybe this isn’t really an answer, maybe it’s more to open the discussion anyway…
but do you really have 6 million different business rules for this table?
Maybe you have better ways to model your data, so that you can break your business rule in a tree, validating by Item Groups or things like that…

Think about someone in the future trying to understand your process…trying to learn your business rules… no one would read 6 million lines hehe

I think you should store your huge business data in a database, and bring to the process only some metadata that helps you to execute those business rules