Strengths of Camunda vs flowable

Anyone can list the strengths of camunda over flowable? Anything the Camunda suite can take from flowable and incorporate into Camunda? We are using Camunda a developer on the team is saking. Thanks

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At this point flowable is basically Activiti and so it might be useful to see this blogpost.

Just from my perspective - I can’t think of anything Camunda would need or want to integrate from flowable/activiti


Are there any newer blog posts that would update upon the state of the affairs?

Is Zeebe core expected to become Camunda 8.0 engine? Thus watching for Zeebe blog posts is the best thing to do at the moment?

Not exactly - Zeebe is aiming for a very different set of features that will make it specialized in orchestrating high through-put systems while Camunda BPM will continue to be a more generic process engine. focusing more more use-cases.

With regard to updates on flowable - I don’t know but i haven’ looked it in a few years, if you have any finding feel free to post them.