Stress-testing camunda app server and db

Dear Camunda community,

We are planning to run a stress test of the Camunda app server and database using some P.O.C. processes we recently created. Are there any out-of-the-box available tools for generating workload in Camunda? Our processes have external forms, decision tables, standard SOAP-connectors and a branching flow depending on the user input (non-linear).

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Ilya.

You can use REST api to run many instance of your process:
findout your url to run, generate payload,and put in into postman
Postman can put variables from .csv in request, so if you can check all ways of your process.

Good Luck

Hi @kotskin !

Indeed, we can use REST API to initiate process instances and simulate JSON payloads. Thank you for the suggestion! This can be relatively easy automated via a Python script.