Subprocesses and multi-instances

I was wondering if there gonna be a Zeebe compatible implementation of the multi-instances subprocesses (namely the ‘parallel’ option). I know there is with Camunda. I’m aware that it wasn’t implemented for Zeebe as of last February (Support for Multi-Instance subprocess? - Zeebe Broker - Camunda Cloud, powered by the Zeebe Engine).

USECASE: I need to create a collection of specific payloads (same format for each), and make all of them run through a bunch of tasks (well, the following tasks of the workflow actually). Recap: the first task runs once and create n payloads, the following tasks will then run n times (that’s where the “multiple instances” steps in, for me).

The parallel multi-instances seemed to perfectly match the usecase.

My question is : will this feature be soon avaible for Zeebe (even before production stage) ? or is there any similar way to get the thing done ?
thank you for any advice

Hi @joe, multi-process is not scheduled for the first production release. Here is one way to accomplish this kind of parallelization of work:

Could you adapt that to your use-case?

Thank you for the answer @jwulf ! I’ll look it up, didn’t already consider this kind of approach. It seems quite interesting tho.
Does then multi-process hold a place in the zeebe roadmap, even on the long term ?

Maybe long-term, but not on the quarterly roadmap, which is focused on cluster stability to allow users to go to production with confidence with the current BPMN subset.

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