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Hello, after reading the documentation I am a little confused regarding some parts I would like to clarify.

First of all, so far I have created a demo app using Camunda 8 self managed with docker, react and .NET.
For my purposes, I would ideally like an open-source solution.

  1. As I understand Camunda 7 is open-source but C8 isn’t. Is that right?
  2. Camunda 7 engine supports more client except java (Particularly .NET)?
  3. In C8 self managed, the proposed solution for production is the kubernetes set-up?
  4. Does C& provide a kubernetes option?
  5. If open-source is only available in C7, maybe I need to migrate from C8? How challenging is this?

Here are some questions that have been derived by reading the documentation. Any clarification may be extremely useful. Thank you for your time!

Hello @camunda_kon ,

your project can still be open-source.

  1. Camunda 7 is open-source, while Camunda 8 is source-available. This would only impact you if you planned to launch a process automation service which is prohibited under this license. You can find more information here.
  2. Both Camunda 7 and Camunda 8 have a wide variety of clients, including some supported by Camunda directly and some being community projects (including the C# client in both cases).
  3. Yes, yet there are other ways as well
  4. Camunda 7 can also be run in K8s, I would recommend Camunda Run in this case as it is based on spring boot and can be configured very easily. There is also a community helm chart
  5. There is no need to migrate “back” I think. From the linked article, you can see which components are available for free usage. For components like Tasklist or Operate, there are community alternatives (if required).

I hope this helps


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Thank you @jonathan.lukas ! Very helpful. Just a last thing. Does this mean that I can access the Camunda 8 code in GitHub for example? At least regarding the open-source components?

Hi @camunda_kon,

you can get the source code of the source-available components here: GitHub - camunda/zeebe: Distributed Workflow Engine for Microservices Orchestration

Hope this helps, Ingo