Support for camunda-bpm-reactor-spring-starter in Camunda 7.20


I am upgrading my web app to SpringBoot 3/Java 17 and along with it to Camunda 7.20.0-ee.

The app also makes use of a camunda extension:

This extension however has not been updated since 2018 and was build with Java 8 - which, of course, is no longer compatible with Camunda 7.20.

Would anybody know if there is a newer version of that extension available or what the replacement for it may be?


Hi @aha24 and welcome to the forum.
That extension is deprecated and won’t be updated anymore.
See here:

In one of my projects, we also used this extension and we migrated to the official spring boot starter from camunda.
By doing that the eventbus will be replaced with the application event publisher of the spring framework. You can still subscribe to all relevant events, but then have to use spring eventing.

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many thanks @rohwerj - I’ll try that