Support for Camunda Cycle for Jboss Wild fly and apache tomcat 8

Hi All,
I am trying to support camunda cycle on apache-tomcat-8 and Jboss Wildfly 10 application servers.
While the document clearly mentions the support only on apache-tomcat-7 as a standalone, I found the below links with wars for various other application servers as well.

However I would like to know if the war files found in these locations would support the newer Application server version as well.

I also tried to deploy the war files…
Was successful using the apache-tomcat-8 but am still struggling with deployment in Jboss Wildfly 10.

For Jboss wildfly I get : ERROR: Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.jboss.resteasy.plugins.server.servlet.HttpServlet30Dispatcher

I have added the below In my jboss-deployment-structure.xml
<exclude-subsystems> <subsystem name=“resteasy”/>

But the deployment is still not successful.
Has anyone tried to use these different .war files?
Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi @senlog80,

would it be an option for you to use prepackaged distribution?


Hi Aksar, Im sorry I wanted to know if the same exists for camunda cycle.


no I think prepackaged distro does not exist for wildfly and cycle.

I would assume that since there is a class not found exception, you have a conflict between resteasy version used in cycle and wildfly10. Have you checked what is a scope of resteasy in cycle? Would it help you if it’s set to provided?


Hi @senlog80,

Camunda only supports Cycle for Tomcat 7.

So having said that:

We had implementations for other application servers, but removed them, because Cycle is more of a design time tool and not a runtime tool, so we chose only to support Tomcat 7.
If you want, you can look at this commit which removed the other implementations. Search for the removed JBoss files, maybe they can guide you.


Thanks for the reply. Would I be able to deploy on Jboss Wildfly 10 as well if I add back the files removed?

Hi Aksar, Thanks will check the versions. The only thing is that the ayns-http-servlet.jar is a module of jboss wildfly. Will check what module was used in Jboss AS 7 and add the corresponding version.