Support for Script Implementation on Messages Events

Consider the following:

The Message Name work is used.

In the Throw we use an expression implementation of:


Few questions:

  1. How well is this supported?

  2. I have seen slight mention that Single Process Messaging (A throw sending a message to a catch inside of the same process) being problematic?

  3. The Real question: Given that we can do this with an expression (assuming that it’s a ‘supported’ function) could we get Script Implementation support for Message events so more complex data manipulation can be used when generating the correlation?


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@thorben any thoughts on this?

Hi @StephenOTT,

The example diagram you have posted is a collaboration with two processes. Thus, two process instances are involved. This case should be fairly safe. It can get problematic when you send messages within one process (and therefore one process instance).

I don’t see anything wrong with having that, or more precisely having this for every activity/event that already takes a java delegate or EL expression. Feel free to raise a JIRA ticket and/or contribute this feature.


Thanks @thorben for the quick feedback.

Created ticket:

Hi @thorben , Could you please elaborate your statement, what problems can occur if we send messages within same instance ?