Support to multiple Identity services. (LDAP and Inhouse identity and Access Control)

Camunda supports a single “IdentityProviderSessionFactory”. We currently provide two implementations - LDAP and Inhouse Identity and Access Control. There is need for having both in place.

Currently, last one wins, in our case, it’s LDAP. We are trying to find out way to host/have both.

Has anyone come across this problem statement or done similar implementation?? Basically we want to support both. Does Camunda provide anything OOB ??

Can we create an adapter that allows both or can we create a single implementation that will work for both LDAP and Inhouse Identity and Access Control.

I think you’ll have to write your own implementation of the security service or use one capable of federation, e.g. keycloak.

I also feel you have create a custom spring boot project using camunda starter. You have to add spring security as dependency and then implement the login functionality. Its going to take some serious efforts but not impossible.