Supporting CockroachDB


I didn’t find any other users are using CockroachDB with Camunda. So I’m curious that is a good idea to have CockoachDB in the future roadmap of Camunda? In our testing environment, the performance of Camunda engine looks very well. However, we found out the DB instance was consuming the bunch of Disk I/O which is extremely heavy as well as CPU consumption. We can see the operations of upsert and delete running like crazy when doing the performance test. We started considering to offload our Postgres DB. We had considered Postgres cluster, but we were more interested in Cockroach DB since it’s designed for linear scalability(active-active).

CockroachDB uses Postgres wire protocol and is able to support the most of operations migrating from existing applications are using Postgres JDBC. If we can make current existing SQL scripts in Camunda engine being performed and verified the features, that will be another choose for users to integrate with Camunda.

Looking forward to seeing your feedback. Thanks!

I created the feature request here may attract more eyeball.

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@Colin_Kuo what level of history is active during your performance tests?

@StephenOTT I ran the performance tests a few times. At the end, we decided disabling historical data, which is set the level of history to “none” from “audit”. The loads of database and system looked much better than the situation of persisting the historical data with “audit” level.
Since user activity doesn’t involve to our process definition, all of service tasks were running and writing data to DB intensively when we were initiating massive requests to start the processes.
Have you considered using different type of databases to run the tests, or any recommendations to improving performance?