Supposedly easy process: Hospital admission [BPMN]


This may be too easy, but I would like to nail this ;-).

The following process shows the admission process in a hospital (supposedly) on a strategic level (accoding to Freund/Rücker’s 10/8 rule).

Does this work? Any feedback will be welcome.

Possible changes:

  1. Is there an information flow from patient to Admission at the start (ideally the patient is there to hand out the insurance card and answer questions. Often this is are relative)?
  2. The scanner attached to the HIS is not modelled, but obviously necessary to scan things (two tasks - I find it difficult to determine where to draw the line between a strategic and an operative view).
  3. Two tasks supposedly have an information exchange with the patient, but the tasks are not marked as message tasks.
  4. The last task doesn’t have a message flow towards the patien (all documents are handed over at that point).

Hi @AstaSyneri,

I think that this process model would be improved a little bit, if you add the message flows, that you mentioned.

As the process starts when the patient arrives, you should draw a message flow from the patient to start event. Handing over the papers, could be supported with a message flow to patient as well. These flows clarify, where you interact with the patient. They gave a good overview without zooming into the process to read the tasks.

The scanner should be left out, as it distracts the reader from the basic process. The task label is sufficent for this.

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for the feedback!

This would be the updated process:

My concern is that the many links to the computer terminal (Orbis) make the process a bit cluttered - and in effect of course nearly all the tasks are done within that system.

Also: I converted the general tasks to the right to message tasks. Do I want to do that in a general (i.e. strategic) model? The purpose is in effect to give somebody a quick overview, after all.

Hi @AstaSyneri,

I don’t use task types in a strategic process models.

Do it either as simple as possible (strategic) or as detailed as needed (operative). At the end you get two different models.

From my point of view, you should delete the data objects and keep the computer.

Cheers, Ingo