Suspend User Tasks

We use custom tasklist for tasks created in Camunda as part of BPMN, one of our requirements is: Certain task(s) to be disabled momentarily based on a trigger and enable based on another trigger - is there any way this can be easily done in Camunda task service?

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According to the docs, there isn’t a state that corresponds to ‘suspend’ , would de-assign and assign work ? Meaning when you want to ‘suspend’ work - assign that task to another group specifically created to hold suspended tasks and when you want to resume - assign the task back to the user ?


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So, technically there isn’t a suspend as part of the task lifecycle could you can suspend the process itself. you can read more about it here.

If you could also achieve this through modeling - something similar to the pattern i used here for throwing an error and returning after some time:

@SrikanthMachiraju , you can try this also. Just a thought.

Thanks Kamesh, we are planning to remove the assignee from the task, we have a duplicate store of tasks (I know this is a bad idea, but we had to do this due to perf. issues), from that store I can identify the tasks previously unassigned.

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