Swapping Out Camunda Database

Hello -

Our organization is moving away from Oracle and towards SQL Server. Unfortunately our Camunda Enterprise installation of about 4 years is built on top of Oracle. Has anyone had any experience with swapping out the underlying DB for Camunda?


Hi Mick,
Enterprise customers can submit a JIRA ticket where you’ll be routed to someone who can help you here. That aside, swapping databases is usually a matter of swapping datasources to point to the new database. The challenging part is usually whether or not you want to move existing data from one db to another. Also, given the age of your installation you may want to consider upgrading your installation as database support for your current version might be a challenge.


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Thanks Joe!

We are on version 7.10. (I didn’t mean to imply that we hadn’t upgraded since we rolled out 4 years ago.)

Yes, we will need to migrate the existing DB data for all running instances of 5 production processes. Agreed - that will be the trickier part, no doubt.

I had reached out to our Camunda account rep to see if there was a documented, supported DB migration path - but there is not. I posted here to see if any of the audience members had done this before and could advise on “gotcha’s”.