Switch from Nexus to JFrog.io: Access to Camunda 7 artifacts

Hello together,

we were wondering about the transistion from Nexus to JFrog.io. In the past, we (as a user of the Community Edition of Camunda 7) could access artifacts directly via the Camunda Nexus. As of now, this seems no longer possible, since one needs to login to JFrog.io. With no obvious way to register…


SQL scripts for update and initial database setup, https://app.camunda.com/nexus/service/rest/repository/browse/camunda-bpm/org/camunda/bpm/distro/camunda-sqlscripts/7.x.0/

libraries for the rest engine: https://app.camunda.com/nexus/service/rest/repository/browse/public/org/camunda/bpm/camunda-engine-rest/7.x.0/

The current option I see is that I need to extract artifacts the full distribution via Camunda Download Center -

Is there another way to get these artifacts directly, which I missed? If yes, can you please update the references in the documentation?

Best regards and thanks a lot in advance

Hi @awi,

what about this hint: Apache Maven Coordinates | docs.camunda.org

Hope this helps, Ingo


Apache Maven Coordinates | docs.camunda.org points to https://artifacts.camunda.com/ui/native/camunda-bpm which redirects to a JFrog login as OP mentioned. There’s a login page, but no obvious way for a CE user to register for a login to be able to access the artifacts.

@GotnOGuts Thanks for the clarification. That’s exactly my point. :slight_smile:

Hi @awi and @GotnOGuts,

I’ve check internally with my colleages and it is an unwanted behavoir, likely introduced by Jfrog. The team is working on it to get the repository open again.

As a workaround you can still browse the artifacts with postman or other rest clients.

Another hint from my colleague:

a temporary workaround seems to be atm to switch the useragent in the browser to e.g. PostmanRuntime/7.29.2, make sure to also clear the cache as Artifactory saves whether a user was redirected prior or not.

Hope that helps, Ingo

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@Ingo_Richtsmeier Thank you. We will test this workaround and are looking forward to a permanent solution. :slight_smile:

Hi @awi and @GotnOGuts,

maybe you have seen it already, JFrog has removed the redirect to the artifactory login page.

You can browse the repository again.

Hope this helps, Ingo

@Ingo_Richtsmeier Thanks for the fast reaction. This helps a lot.