Switch to java 8 for camunda platform

We are getting more and more trouble to use camunda with “modern” libraries because the world is tunring and more and more 3rd party libs and frameworks switch to java8 only (or at least 7) … the latest example is now the jackson 2.8 rollback in spin, check https://github.com/camunda/camunda-spin/pull/13, before I also had tremendous trouble to work with different assertj versions.

I know this his been discussed in the past, I know the backward compatibility you try to sustain for enterprise customers, but I fear this is becoming a serious problem. With spring/spring-boot I am not sure if I will be able to use camunda with release 5 (resp. 2), and jackson version conflicts can become show stoppers when developing REST based applications in modern environments.

If you (the camunda crew) are willing to share your thoughts (and maybe a roadmap), I’d love to have an open discussion here so we all know what to expect and how to deal with it. And of course I’m interested in community opinions as well. Thanks a lot!


Hi Jan,

I suggest you ask this question on the support channels as this involves product management and product management does not read this forum :slight_smile:. Feel free to share the outcome afterwards.


Specific to the Spin library, my workarounds generally include a couple of java instructions that map between the libraries. This fixed the odd errors originating from the two different Jackson versions.

Preferring to stick with Java v8+

Jackson - ClassCastException