Task assignement listener - body emails from database

I’ve implemented the solution of TaskAssignementListener to send emails when the user is assigned, it works as expected. Now what I need is to load body emails from database, but these body emails contains string expressions ${} refering to some process variables, in this case this variables aren’t evaluted, aren’t interpreted. How can I solve this issue.
Thank you for your help in advance

Hi @HEss,
I suggest to utilize java based FreeMaker template engine to define your email body templates and from within your task listener implementation to pass process variables to the defined placeholders of your templates.


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Hello @hassang,
I really appreciate your reply. It’s a good thing to use FreeMaker, I’ve already implemented it works like a charm, but I don’t want to use files stored on my project, that’s why I changed my solution to database storage, but I couldn’t solve this problem of string expressions. Do you have any thoughts ?
Thank you