Task -> Extension Properties

Can the extension properties assigned to a task be retrieved through the api in camunda 7?

Hi @Roger,

Yes, if extension properties to be retrieved from within a task listener then below snips of code can do the job

camProperties = task.getBpmnModelElementInstance().getExtensionElements().getElementsQuery()
for (CamundaProperty camProperty : camProperties.getCamundaProperties()) {

name = camProperty.getCamundaName();
value = camProperty.getCamundaValue();


Hi Hassang,
Here I send an image of the assignment made in camunda, my intention is to be able to recover that data through the rest api.

As for the code that you sent me, it is not clear where I should put it.
Is it a script to put in the scripts section of a task listener?

In this case, when consulting the api, the extension properties do not appear