Task/Process variables in filters


Maybe I am missing this, but can’t find a way to pre-set filters for variable values in Tasklist.
The task is simple. I have a process task that is eligible for assignment to a dispatcher. Each day dispatchers change, so task gets unassigned if it was not completed and is eligible for assignment again.
I wolud like to get two filters set:

  • New tasks
  • Unassigned WIP tasks
    For that matters I made a process variable, e.g. isWIP, and set it to False.
    I also added taskListener which sets the variable to True on assignment.
    So, I can go to task search and filter tasks by this variable manually.
    But I see no eligible filter options for that.

Can anyone help me on this?
Maybe I can ‘hard-code’ the filter somewhere in database manually?

Hi @e.belousov,

What do you mean by new tasks? Created after certain date or something else?
It is not possible to create a filter for process variable.

Best regards,

In the designed process reality, new task is a task that has never been assigned to a dispatcher before.
As opposed to the tasks that were assigned to dispatchers but were unassigned somehow (basically by external script). They have to be distinguished from new tasks in the tasklist.
I see that we have task search that has the possibility to search tasks by variable value. Can I distribute the saved search criteria via a group for example?

Hi @e.belousov,

I think you can implement one more variable for “new tasks”.
The create to searches for those variable as it is shown here:

Hope this helps,

Hello Yana!

Yes. this is what I ended up with.
But the problem is - searches seem to be bind to the browser. And we are implementing the process for a group of people who may change over time, so the idea of them adding filters for each user on each browser seems unpleasant.

Maybe there is a hacky way to hard-code the searches so they are added whenever you access the tasklist?
Where in the sources should I look at?