Task rest api filtering

Hi guys,

I was trying to get all the tasks from the rest api filtering by processInstanceIdIn, passing and array of ids in the post request. the problem is the response returns all the task and it doesn’t filter by the process ids, am I missing something?

It works for me (using Postman)
Did you set content-type application/json?

yes i did, if I don’t i get 405

Hm, did you check what your Test-Client sends to Camunda?
Sounds to me like Camunda is not able to deserialize the JSON to the expected DTO, then it just doesnt take the values into account at all…

Btw: Might be useful which version you are using.

yeah , that is the issue, i’m 7.12 that filter is only available from 7.14 thx guys

7.13 should have the parameter too (that’s the version I tested)