Task State in Camunda 7 vs Camunda 8

Does taskState exist in Camunda 7 REST? I see delegation state which is not equivalent for a taskState

But when I also look at Camunda 8 docs there is a task state in response.

Camunda 8 Response (see taskState)
“id”: “string”,
“name”: “string”,
“taskDefinitionId”: “string”,
“processName”: “string”,
“creationDate”: “string”,
“completionDate”: “string”,
“assignee”: “string”,
“taskState”: “CREATED”,
“formKey”: “string”,
“processDefinitionKey”: “string”,
“processInstanceKey”: “string”,
“tenantId”: “string”,
“dueDate”: “2023-03-29T20:08:07.171Z”,
“followUpDate”: “2023-03-29T20:08:07.171Z”,
“candidateGroups”: [“string”],
“candidateUsers”: [“string”]

Hi @myarlagadda,

I think you are looking something similar to TaskEntity#lifecycleState which is not expose currently in the APIs (Java/REST).

If you give us more details on what you are trying to achieve, we might find other options.