Task URL that takes task ID and opens task screen


we are migrating from IBM BPM to Camunda and I am new to Camunda BPM.
we are working on creating a Angular Based Task List.
in order to get the task list, we are using REST API. now we want to know if there is any URL that takes task ID and open ups the take screen that we see in TaskList portal .

from the documentation, I was able to get the form that was attached to the task.


but what I am looking for is something like following URL which takes taskID and opens up the task.


appreciate your help

Hi @settyms

For tasklist app packaged with camunda BPM distribution, the URL should be as below


Appreciate your help e this question. The below URL that you suggested opened the task in the task list portal. Is there a way that will open only task UI, we do not want all other things like task list,start process, keyboard short cut etc…

the business user should only see that Task UI. he should not see any other links or features of TaskList Portal.

I have seen this is possible in IBM BPM.IBM BPM provides a specific url that will show only the UI that was attached to the User Task activity.

I hope this is feasible in camunda too. appreciate any inputs/help in this regards

Hi @hassang

appreciate if you can help me on this

Hi @settyms

Below link may of help for you