Task waiting for kafka message on spring boot


I am creating a BPMN process where one task is supposed to send out a message to kafka. After that the task(or next task), should wait for an incomming kafka message as a response, before the process proceeds.

Do any of you have any good examples of this flow?

I am running camunda on spring boot, with java 11.

Hi @FrankReneSorensen,

here is a large example: https://github.com/berndruecker/flowing-retail/tree/master/kafka/java. It tackles several approaches, so I recommend to start on the order-camunda folder and inspect the payment-camunda folder as the called process.

The Kafka communication is hidden behind the spring-cloud imports.

have a look in the overall readme as well: https://github.com/berndruecker/flowing-retail

Hope this helps, Ingo

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