Tasklist custom scripts - how to version custom ng modules

Hello dear community,
I have a question regarding angularjs custom scripts.
(I’m using the community edition (7.12) with tomcat full distribution)

Let’s say we have some embedded forms that use custom ngModules (deployed in a .war).
Those modules are registered in the tasklist/scripts/config.js as per docs (window.camTasklistConf.customScripts… in ngDeps and requirejs’s deps and paths).

Everything works fine, as long as I have one version of an embedded form with its angularjs module.
However, if I want to deploy a new version, I would get a new contextPath and forms will be loaded using that new contextPath. But js is still loaded from the old, due to config.js

Is there a way to either specify a generic mapping in tasklist’s config.js, for custom ng modules, or provide own module registry?

It would be really great to have a possibility to decouple a process’s embedded form’s config from the tasklist web app.

Please advise