Tasklist in camunda 8 does not run with custom context path

Hi every body.
We are using camunda 8 with elasticsearch.To run task list,we are using SERVER_SERVLET_CONTEXT_PATH=/tasklist as environment variable like descriptions in Configuration | Camunda 8 Docs
But when at starting application it says Tomcat started on port(s): 8080 (http) with context path ‘/tasklist’ But it goes down!
But with / path as default path it works fine.
Please help me.Thanks a lot.

Hi @soheil_qalamkari! I tried to reproduce the issue in my local environment but I wasn’t able to (Tasklist started properly using the configuration). Are you seeing any other errors when starting Tasklist that could lead to the reason why Tasklist is failing to start (I suspect it may be related with other configurations you are using).

Also if you could share the version you are using and the full configuration it may help us to understand what is going wrong. Thanks!