Tasklist: search for / filtering tasks does not work correctly


I like to use the search for tasks function with several criteria.

  1. enter the first condition:
    Meaning: display all tasks with Name=“Fachprüfung”

  2. enter the second condition:
    Meaning: display all tasks with Name=“Freigabe”

  3. Change combination of criteria to or: “some of the conditions must match”, i.e: I want to see all tasks with Name=Freigabe OR Name=Fachprüfung

Now the tasklist generates a wrong URL. It contains the following empty query part at the end: ...&searchOrQuery

At the beginning of the URL one finds the AND-query:

... searchQuery=[{"type":"name","operator":"Like","value": ...

Setting the query combination to OR before entering the the criteria is not possible, the button for switching from AND to OR is disabled before the first criteria has been defined:

Is this a bug in the tasklist? Using Camunda version 7.17. with spring boot.

Update: it does not work either if one defines a custom filter like this with OR-criteria:

With this filter only the tasks matching the last criteria are displayed (Name==Freigabe), but
not the ones matching the first criteria, although the option “some criteria match” has been selected.

Update2: I guess this is because of the filter behaviour documented here: Process Engine API | docs.camunda.org
" Aside from variable related filter criteria, this behavior differs. Whenever a non-variable-filter-criterion is used more than once inside a query, only the value which was applied last is utilized:"

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