Terminate End Event support


currently the “Terminate End Event” is not supported by Zeebe. Is there a plan when this will be supported in the Zeebe?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @andrejpetras

thanks for raising this.
Currently there are no concrete plans for it as far as I know. Feel free to open a feature request for it https://github.com/camunda-cloud/zeebe/issues/new?assignees=&labels=Type%3A+Enhancement&template=feature_request.md&title=

I think we plan to cover most of the symbols at some point.


Hi @Zelldon,

thanks for the answer. Currently, we are in the evaluation phase for the BPMN engine. In the current solution, we do have BPMN processes which use Terminate End Event (for multiple reasons) and missing this feature in Zeebe now, is preventing us to fully use it.

I will create a feature request, I hope we can help somehow to push it forward.


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