Terminate sub-process without killing parent

We have a process which sequentially handles mutliple Call Activities by looping through a collection. We cannot use the built-in Sequential-multi-process capability because the number of processes to handle is dynamic and can increase.

We sometimes have Incidents from External Tasks in the Call Activity which require the process to be terminated as they cannot be resolved. This results in the parent process terminating, as well.

We have tried Modifying the sub-process to ‘move to the end’, but because of the Incident this always results in the process being Externally-Terminated.

Is there a way to kill a sub-process without killing the parent?

This might help. Add termination events to the sub process so that it will not terminate the main process.


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Thank you, that is exactly what we needed. I admit I had completely misunderstood the Terminate event until now. I added a conditional event sub-process which causes a termination event and can be invoked on-demand.