Test and Play button not showing

Anybody else experiencing the lack of Test and Play buttons in the web-modeler? Cluster is V8.2.2.

Let me look into that for you.

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Hi Niall, any updates? Meanwhile, if we open the menu in console there’s only Console option showing. So things are happening, but don’t know if thats in a good way…

I’m try to see if i can replicate it, or find someone who is able to replicate it.
Can you share with me some screen shots of what exactly you’re seeing

The Play has replaced the test button and is beside implement - but it should still be showing

The menu is complete again…

This is our modeler

Are you using Camunda 8 SaaS or are you using self managed?

We use the Saas version

So i found out whats going on.
Camunda Play is only available on trail and professional accounts. The account type that your using is for partners and it is considered enterprise and so doesn’t have access to Play.

Play will be made available to to all accounts once it reaches the beta version.

Aah that sounds logic. Thanks Niall. See you in Berlin

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