Test Diagram "Invoice Receipt" comes after every restart

Hello, everyone,

Every time I restart Camunda, the demo process is initiated.
In addition, there are always user tasks that interfere.

how can this be deactivated?

I always delete it under the deployments, but it keeps coming back

Which Camunda Distro are you using?

My Version is

Are you using Camunda Run? or Camunda as part of a Spring Boot application?

mabe the run version? How did i know this?


Looks like you’re probably using the tomcat distro.
you’ll know because inside the server folder should be an apache-tomcat folder.

If that is the case - you can get rid of the invoice example completely by going to the webapps folder int he tomcat directory and delete the Camunda-invoice folder.

That will stop things from being re-created.

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