Tests in error: ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process

Hello Community,

I was implementing a process based on https://blog.camunda.com/post/2016/06/camunda-bpm-mail/ to send template based automated email. But it shows the following error when i implement a service task with a connecter in the diagram. :

Tests in error:
testParsingAndDeployment(email.email.ProcessUnitTest): ENGINE-09005 Could not parse BPMN process. Errors: (…)

I am unable to deploy the war file because of it. Based on what i have read, I can understand that the error has to do with the XML Diagram from my Modeler.
Hence i am sharing the xml file with you.

process.bpmn (3.6 KB)

Thank you in advance

Thanks for sharing the file, i was able to deploy that file without any problems, but you should be aware that your connector is not properly configured so it will cause an error after it starts.

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@prateek_gulati for using BPM mail connector, make sure that required dependencies are in the classpath.

And configure the plugin with process engine configuration.


Thanks for the reply @Niall
Could you point out mistake i made while configuring the connector ?

hey @aravindhrs
I added all the dependencies in the pom.xml file, not sure what i am missing here, Do i need to add them separately as JARs?

@prateek_gulati what’s the exception? Did you configure the process engine plugin?

yes @aravindhrs
i am still getting the same error

Since @Niall pointed out that there’s an error in my connector, i am using the one which you posted on the forum earlier.
these are the dependencies that i have added

@prateek_gulati, Did you included the below dependencies? can you upload your pom.xml file?

compile group: 'org.camunda.bpm.extension', name: 'camunda-bpm-mail-core', version: '1.2.0'
compile group: 'com.sun.mail', name: 'javax.mail', version: '1.6.2'

Sure, here is the pom file. i have included those as well, thought i found that the version is different.
pom.xml (7.9 KB)

edit :logs of the test result. i hope it helps.
TEST-email.email.ProcessUnitTest.xml (44.3 KB)
email.email.ProcessUnitTest.txt (18.5 KB)