The code in the Java Delegate associated with a Service Task is not executing after the Timer event is triggered


I’ve encountered an issue with a Java delegate within a service task that follows a timer event.
When the timer event triggers, the Java delegate is called.
While the loggers and publishing of messages to Kafka (other lines) are not executed.

This issue can be reproduced inconsistently.

Please help here to resolve this issue.

Hey @Likhith_Royal :wave:
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Do you have some more information on this?
A snippet of your bpmn diagram would definitively help to troubleshoot the issue.

Hi @Hafflgav

This is the Use case

Cron is scheduled everyday at some time. when timer is triggered service task has been called and no exceptions and incidents are occurred.

In Camunda history, i can see both the service tasks has been called, but logs inside the delegate and publishing message to Kafka are not coming.

Thank you!
So basically the process runs through without any incidents and does not stop without resuming during the process? I assume the gateways are branching/working correctly?

Did you tried debugging the delegates already?

Maybe you have a small snippet of code for me as well! :slight_smile:

In Local environment not able to reproduce this Issue, This issue was present in release environment.

Since logs are missing not able to debug this issue.

Then I would definitively recommend to add logs :smiley:
Besides it might be a configuration issue of the prod environment in contrast to Dev

@Hafflgav, @Bigbird230

Is there a dependency between the version of Camunda Modeler and the version of the Camunda BPM platform?

@Likhith_Royal, not by default.
There is one thing you need to look out for:

  • If you model for Camunda Platform 7 you need to explicitly choose to create a C7 BPMN Diagram. The syntax is slightly different.