The difference between zeebe version 2.1 and zeebe version over 2.1

Perform a stress test to create an instance interface, and found that the performance of zeebe higher than version 2.2 cannot be improved. Checking and monitoring found that the hard disk occupies 100%, but the 2.1 version of zeebe does not have this problem. I would like to ask whether it needs to do additional configuration, or this What changes did zeebe make

Hey @kevin2020

welcome and thanks for raising this question. I assume you talking about 0.21 and 0.22 versions.

Yes, with the newest release (0.25.0), which we will publish soon you can use the memory mapped files again. You can enable it with the env variable ZEEBE_BROKER_DATA_USEMMAP=true). Before that we used normal file channels which caused high IO Operations count.

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