The "service Task" in operate server has no job worker


i’d like to know how can i fix the Error"servicetask will not continue to run forward(i define that by myself because there is no explicit error in the server)" in camunda operate server it’s all ok until i meet one service task, i can’t run my instanceprocess forward and the metadata report ist like that.(the job worker here is nothing,in fact here should be “jobWorker”: “worker#myjobname”,)

Here is my zeebeworker code in java

@ZeebeWorker(type = "suche_Betreuer", autoComplete = true)
    public Map<String, Object> sucheProfessor(final @NotNull ActivatedJob job) {
        // Do the business logic"Suche passende Betreuer");

        //store students information
        final Object stuID= job.getVariablesAsMap().get("stu_id");
        final Object stuVorname= job.getVariablesAsMap().get("stu_vorname");
        final Object stuNachname= job.getVariablesAsMap().get("stu_nachname");
        final Object stuEmail= job.getVariablesAsMap().get("stu_email");
        final Studierender studierender=new Studierender();"id:"+parseInt(stuID.toString())+ " Name:"+stuVorname.toString()+stuNachname.toString()+" email:"+stuEmail.toString());

        // Get the Professoren
        final Object stichpunkt = job.getVariablesAsMap().get("stichpunkt");
        final Optional<Stichpunkt> found;
        if (stichpunkt instanceof Integer) {
            found = stichpunktService.getRepository().findById(((Integer) stichpunkt));
        } else if (stichpunkt != null && stichpunkt.toString().matches("\\d+")) {
            found = stichpunktService.getRepository().findById(parseInt(stichpunkt.toString()));
        } else {
            found = Optional.empty();
        final List<Option<Integer>> professoren = found
                .map(e -> new Option<>(e.getTitel()+" "+e.getNachname(),e.getId()))

        // Probably add some process variables
        final HashMap<String, Object> variables = new HashMap<>();
        variables.put("Professoren", professoren);
        return variables;

If anyone can help me to solveit, i’ll be very grateful!!

Hi @Bo_Wan. Because your job type is Suche_Betreuer. Please change to this:

@ZeebeWorker(type = "Suche_Betreuer", autoComplete = true)

Hope this helps

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