The Source Code of the Webapps has a new home

Hello Community Folk!


Starting with Camunda Runtime Platform 7.15.0-alpha2, the source code of the Webapps was merged into the main repository of the Camunda Runtime Platform. If you want to contribute to the Webapps, please find the source code’s new location here.


Over the past years, we already consolidated most of our repositories into one mono repository (e.g., DMN Engine, Model API, etc.). Recently, we consolidated our Webapps as well into our main repository. Our primary motivation is simplifying the job structure of our Continuous Integration: It was previously necessary to build the Camunda Runtime Platform in multiple steps and specific order. With the incorporation of the Webapps, the build complexity and structure were simplified significantly, allowing us and our users to build all modules of the Camunda Runtime Platform (excluding distros) by running mvn clean install in the repository’s root directory.

Questions & Answers

Q: Do I have to clone the whole source code of the camunda-bpm-platform repository to get access to the source code of the Webapps?
A: Yes. The Webapps are located in the subdirectory ./webapps. If the repository’s size is an issue for you, please have a look at partial cloning of mono repositories.

Q: Did the development setup change?
A: No. Just switch into the ./webapps folder and run mvn clean jetty:run -Pdevelop to start the backend server and npm i && grunt auto-build to build the frontend.

Q: Where can I get the source code of versions before 7.15.0-alpha2?
A: The source code of older minor versions (e.g., 7.13, 7.14) is still available in the legacy Webapps repository; you can either check out a branch or use the tags.