"The task does not contain any variables" with JSON variables


I implemented a service task using a Java delegate that changes a value in the JSON. When starting the instance and checking the diagram in the Camunda cockpit I can see that the service task performed quite well:

The “age” value changed from 24 to 21 as expected, however when claiming the task in the task list and and loading the variables I don’t see my json variable:

Any idea why? thx
NB: when seetting other types of variables (string, boolean…)I do see them in the task view…

Hey @ChrisB,

That is the expected behavior when using the Generic Task Forms. If you want to view JSON variables then you would have to use Embedded Task Forms which is perfectly fine in your situation.

Once you setup the Embedded Task Forms in the User Task, take a look at how to retrieve a JSON process variable and it’s properties through this example. This tutorial also guides you on how to add Task Forms to a Start Event and a User Task and deploy it to Camunda in a Shared Container deployment.

Please test it out and let me know how it worked out.


Hi @patozgg,

Very informative, It gives me clearer explanation on the purpose of forms in Camunda. I’ll try to implement this asap.



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