Throw 400 error code from start process instance REST api

My Client has requirement to throw 400 error code from “start process instance” REST api when any variable required for my custom camunda process is missing. Requirement is that client app should know about missing/wrong variable while calling this rest api itself, in terms of error code 400.

Is it possible to throw custom exception from BPMN process and subsequently make camunda REST api to throw 400 error code?

Hi @Techcoze,

which REST API endpoints are we talking about here exactly? I think to do that you would have to provide your own implementation, but I can double check if you elaborate on example a bit more.


I am speaking about following REST api

I was wondering the same thing and I found the solution here.


I have exactly same issue, did you found a solution?

Hi @michaelsogos
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This thread is 4 years old and probably has a lot of information that is’t relevant any more.
Would you mind creating a new topic where you can describe your setup and exactly the problem you’re having.

In the meantime i’m going to lock this thread.
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