Throw new BPMN error using service task (delegator task)

Hi all, I have 3 delegator task and 1 boundary error event. Now, If error throws it should roll back to delagator 1 else flow should end with delegator 3.

seeking help regarding error event code and java code

@vignesh_parthiban What you’ve tried so far?

Hi Aravind

@vignesh_parthiban Are you facing any issues?

@aravindhrs If error throws it should display error and should rolled back from “Delegator 2 to Delegator 1”

If no error means flow should be continue from “Delegator 1 to Delegator 3 then END”

Idk how to proceed with delegate code

Thanks in advance

Hello @vignesh_parthiban ,

so your BpmnError should only be thrown on some condition. Use an if to evaluate something or a try-catch block to wrap an exception inside the BpmnError.

You can then test the behaviour in a Junit-Test.